Improving your operational efficiency, increasing your business profitability


Sales tax is anything but simple, and for advertising agencies, it can be even more complex. As one of the fastest growing industries, advertising agencies are encouraged to adopt the latest technologies and make their agencies more digital. With all that change, it is important to keep your financial aspects in tune so that you can continue meeting the demands of your clients. This includes the taxation system.


SysAd’s Taxation Module can help you streamline the overall process of the taxation in your advertising agency. The module is comprised of a VAT, tax report, and tax reconciliation. With this module, you can also monitor which tax that has been paid and which tax that is still being withheld. Not to mention that our Taxation Module is also connected to the government system so that you can get the latest update on the taxation policy.

With an integrated software like SysAd’s Taxation Module, your agency will be able to minimize corporate taxes liability, thus improving your operational efficiency and increasing your business profitability. You can continue to grow your agency and focus on your clients.

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