About US
Since 1992, Epsylon Citra Informatika has been known as one of the key players in the advertising software industry. We provide and develop a real-time, integrated solution for advertising agencies in Indonesia. We believe that advertising agencies are able to improve their productivity and make more profit if they use the right tools. That is why we are here.

Our team is committed to responding effectively and efficiently to meet the needs of your advertising agency. By utilizing more than 25 years worth of our knowledge of how the advertising business works, we have all the resources needed to apply innovative technologies and develop our own customizable solution for the best practices in the industry.

Nowadays, in the digital era where technology keeps evolving, we realize we need to keep up in order to really understand what the industry needs. We continuously strive to improve our SysAd as a software that is becoming more convenient, reliable, and efficient, providing more values and functionality to your company.
Become the leader in the integrated advertising software industry by providing an
excellent system and outstanding service while still making a profit.
Since 1992, we have been the leader in providing and developing real time integrated solution for advertising agencies in Indonesia. Our success is driven by our team and out commitment to understand your unique needs, and respond effectively and efficiently to help advertising agency become more productive and profitable.

We deliver the results by utilizing more than 25 years our knowledge of how the advertising business work, applying innovative technologies and developing our own customizable solutions for the best practises in the industry.
Provide quality service that exceeds the expectations of our respected clients.
Build long-term relationships with our clients and develop a strong base of key clients by providing an exceptional service.
Achieve the objectives of our clients while maintaining the high-quality result.
Remain competitive by keeping up with the market and evolving through innovation and advanced technology.
Build a good reputation and become a key player in the industry.
Expand regionally in the field of integrated advertising solution, as well as help the advertising industry to grow locally and globally.